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Getting a Refurbishment Loan

There are refurbishment loans available for up to 75% loan-to-value with low rates out there - we will search the market for you for free!

Refurbishment finance is an ideal solution for someone who wants to move fast on a property and is looking to complete a project quickly. It is short-term finance and a alternative to high-street banks.

Refurbishment loans are secured on the property and lenders will look at the project rather than at affordability. There is less red-tape and cases go through quickly. We can look for some quotes for you and take you through the process.

Why Choose Us?

We will search the whole market to find you the best deal. Our service is of no obligation and we are happy to search the property finance market free of charge. We don’t charge any fees to our clients and only get paid commission from the lenders if your offer completes.

As we have a strong relationship with the lenders in the finance market we have access to preferential rates. The majority of lenders' business comes through brokers, so you won't get better rates going direct as lenders won't want to cut out brokers.

Turnbridge Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority for Credit Broking (Firm reference number 779020).

Key Terms & Features of Refurbishment finance

  • Light Refurbishment – where no planning permission or building regulations are required. There is no change to the overall nature of the property and the majority of works is regarding redecorating, new bathrooms, new windows, new kitchen, new electrics, etc.

  • Heavy Refurbishment – this is when building regulations / planning permission is required and usually involves structural changes.

  • Facility structure – facility provided in stages. The lender will provide an initial advance towards the purchase and the remaining facility in stages towards the build costs as required.

  • Standard fees – the lender will charge an arrangement fee for setting up the loan facility, a monthly interest on the money drawn down and some lenders will charge an exit fee. We will endeavour to find you the best rates and we only get our fee if the loan progresses – this is taken from the arrangement fee and paid to us by the lender.

  • Other fees – As part of all short-term property loan facilities you will need to pay for a valuation and solicitor’s fee as part of the lender’s due diligence.

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