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  • Rates from 0.43% per month*

  • Loan-to-Values up to 75% of GDV*

  • Terms up to 24 Months

  • Fees and Interest Rolled Up

  • 100% JV Funding Options Available!

  • New Builds, Conversions and Refurbishments Projects

  • Development Exit Facilities Available

  • Projects Covered All Around the UK

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Turnbridge is an FCA authorised broker (FR779020). We will search the whole market for you free or charge.

*Interest rates and loan-to-values can vary according to a number of factors including Project Type, Property Type, Loan Size, Experience, Location and Credit Scoring.

Why Choose Us?

With over 40 lenders providing development finance we will search the whole market to find you the best quotes available. We work with speed and will get you quotes to review free of charge and with no obligation.

As an FCA authorised independent broker, we will provide unbiased access to a wide array of lenders including High-Street Banks, Building Societies, Specialist Banks, Private Lenders and Investors.

Our aim is to get you the best property development loan designed for you. We have strong relationships with lenders and will help you negotiate with the lenders to get you the best rates and terms.

As we are confident we will find you the best quote our fee structure is set up so we only get paid on success. We are fully transparent about our fees, which are only paid to us by the lender if you complete on the loan agreement.

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Getting a Building Loan

Turnbridge makes getting a building loan for your new build, conversion or refurbishment easy. We can inform you what the process is of getting funding and what funding options are out there for your property development project.

We will take you through the whole process and make sure you are comfortable before proceeding with any formal offer.

We are also keen to discuss options of joint venture projects on the right development project too.

Inexperienced Developers & Equity Investment

We have access to lenders who are able to fund inexperienced developers, we will happily discuss these options to you over the phone.

We also have access to potential crowdfunding and private investors. If you are therefore short on initial capital, there still may be a solution to get your property development off the ground.

How does a building loan work?

A building loan is a short-term loan facility secured on the property/plot you are developing via a first legal charge from the lender. The lender will require an initial valuation of the property before completing on the loan.

The facility is released in stages throughout the build. Where a surveyor will inspect each stage for the lender before they release the allotted funds. Interest and fees are typically rolled-up and paid on exit of the loan facility.

At Turnbridge, we will endeavour to get you the best rates and loan-to-vales available. We will take you through the full process and make sure all your queries are answered before you progress with any property development loan facility.

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