Development Exit Finance

property development finance exit bridge

Here at Turnbridge Limited we have helped many Developers to replace their existing funding with our affordable short-term finance solutions.

Development Exit Finance is a low interest rate bridging product, which will refinance any completed property projects or facilities that have reached the end of their loan period. Giving you more time and breathing space to sell or complete your development project.

Key Features

Why Use Development Exit Finance

The main benefit to taking out a development exit plan is the added time and security it offers you, to either sell or complete your project as the loan facilities range from lasting from 1 month to 2 years. Another reason why our customers take out development exit finance is the lower interest rates attached to these facilities, compared to that of development loans.

Additionally, development exit finance solutions are a very quick and easy process for our clients, which allow them to release the extra capital they, whether that’s just for cash flow purposes or to buy a new plot for their next project.

Why Use Turnbridge?

As an FCA regulated broker we will endeavour to find you the best deals possible. Since we only get paid commission from the lender if you accept any of the offers we present to you, we don’t cost you anything. We also pride ourselves on being a friendly and approachable company and we will not push or hassle you into taking our deals.

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