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"Important to sort out prior to commencing works"

At TurnBridge we have exclusive access to an independent warranty broker who can search the whole of market and advise you on the best deal for your project.

Building warranties otherwise known as a Latent Defect Insurance is essential for all residential new build, conversion and major refurbishment schemes.

A Latent Defect Warranty is seen as mandatory by all high-street lenders and development finance providers. Therefore, in order to get finance on your property development and or sell the property on completion, you will need a building warranty. Furthermore, it is best to sort this out before works commence as retrospective warranties cost more.

At TurnBridge we will be able to give you our exclusive access to an independent building warranty broker who is regulated to give you the best deal on your building warranties. As there are more players in the market than you would now think and there is no obligation to proceed, it is definitely worth seeing whether we can help.

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“TurnBridge provide very helpful advice for your property development and can offer a range of solutions to your funding requirements. If this is a development loan or potential investment, they are differently worth a call.”

Shaun Johnson, Developer.

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"Committed to finding you the best solution for your needs"

good pricing on your building warranty


Due to the volume of deals we warranty to the warranty providers, we get exclusive offers from them and the warranty provider which enables them to incorporate our fee, not you.

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No Obligation

We're happy to have an initial friendly insightful chat to see whether we can help. There is no obligation for you to proceed with us.

whole of market search on latent defect insurance

Whole of Market Search

In the past, there were only a few players in the market such as NHBC, now new entrants have come in to the market so we can look to search the whole market for the best deal for you.

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Development Finance

TurnBridge as well as looking at warranty solutions can also help you with finding the right development finance for your project if required.

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